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All the time on the eastside

Pictures of my mind flash cameras lights cold nights lipstick on the wine glass you say don’t let it fade but you let it fade but you let it pass it’s getting heavy in me so I might just call up my past but the sweet serenade it’s all ok when we drink lemonade and Bombay future sex love sounds when we listen to eryka badu or even sade wait I’m in the city for tonite and I just hope you still down time for some other I met to be let down oh j swear it’s never easy and I hope your listen when this function takes place but all of this unnecessary phone tag why don’t we save grace but your on the other side of town when I’m side you tell me to hold it down baby boy just make it here safe I dint have a fuck to give when I’m riding I just cruise speeding in the eastside trying to get you…..

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