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I miss

I miss those nights kissing you holding tight I miss the time you and I invested in where long talks begun and in at the start of the morning sun
I miss looking over at you while sleep trying to reach so you can lay on me what I also miss is the way sit and explore options knowing that you right for me why don’t we let it be
I miss hearing nothing but your moans as push deep to make you weak the words it’s in my stomach where we sex each other so good I fall asleep
I miss waking up to you on your side of the bed and rubbing my fingers through you’re hair
I miss the way you look at me knowing I have it all but yet you still have uncertain maybe I can’t promise you the moon or the stars but I can offer my loyalty my love my heart my very best when they pray on my down fall
I miss you in general hoping we can start something different something we agree on cause missing is like losing a close freon just wanna you down the aisle one day till you ready I’m that sucka in the back trying 2 get to you

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